Thank you to Jared Cheney for sharing his dead tree story and his experience of shopping for a chainsaw at D&B Supply in Meridian, Idaho.

My Tree Story by Jared Cheney.

We had a corkscrew willow in our back yard – it was about nine years old, with an approximately 30 ft ball. Beautiful tree, wonderful shade, we loved it. In November of 2013, when we had a snap freeze, it started having problems. It was already a little sickly at that point and so I think it was susceptible to harm when the freeze hit. I tried getting it to survive with fertilizers and things, but it sort of limped along through the following spring and summer.


In the fall of 2015 I trimmed any new growth off near the base (the top was dead by that point) so it would just blend in as a tree with its leaves falling all way through the winter. I knew I’d need to take care of it in the Spring. I called a few tree removal companies, but they all wanted more than I was willing to pay to do it for me. I figured it was time for me to buy a chainsaw, because, what guy doesn’t want his own chainsaw?

I looked at what models were at Home Depot and didn’t find anything I liked. Later, when I was near the D&B Supply in Meridian, I was stopping for some other stuff¬†and took a look at their chainsaws while I was there. I noted that they carried Husqvarna, which is a favorite brand of mine ever since I was a kid because my dad had Husqvarna motorcycles. I wanted to get a Husqvarna, but they had models with a 14 in. bar and then jumped up to a bigger size ¬†that was out of my price range. I wanted at least a 16 in. bar on my saw so I was kind of stuck. While mulling that over, a salesman approached and asked if I needed any help. I asked if they had any 16 in. Husqvarna models. He explained that they did not but told me that they had a STIHL model with a 16in. bar. As he was showing it to me, I noticed it happened to be on sale. I wasn’t too familiar with the Stihl brand so he talked about it and what impressed me is that he had actual experience using the equipment, and was able to specifically talk to me about whether the chainsaw we were looking at would handle the size of tree and branches I was looking to chop down. I made the decision to buy it. He brought me to the back of the store where he proceeded to gas up my chainsaw, fill it with bar oil, started it up, and checked the chain tension. Then he walked me through the steps needed to start it up (choke, etc.). He also talked me through what appropriate chain tension should be, and how best to remove fuel and clean it when I’m going to store it for periods without usage. He also had me fill out the warranty info on the saw right there so he could get it on file at the store. And to top it all off, he told me about a deal where I could buy six 2-cycle gas-oil mix and get a free additional two-year warranty. He took everything up to the front for me while I did some additional shopping, then I proceeded to check out.

The saw did a great job for me and what I needed to do for the tree. I use to remove trees and do other landscaping duties as part of my summer job working for my brother-in-law during high school and college. But, I didn’t pay much attention to brands of the equipment I used back then. I’m very happy with this STIHL saw and would recommend it to anyone. And the interaction I had with the sales staff at D&B was superb. I’ll definitely look there first when I need other equipment.




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