Trevor Brazile.

Bobby Mote.

Wes Stevenson.

Ryan Motes.

If these cowboys had something rodeo-related to offer, wouldn’t you be interested? These are the types of names that would attract a crowd if they offered to come to town and give speeches about rodeo. If they pulled up somewhere local with a stack of western-themed ball caps and postcards, they’d probably sell out in minutes. Heck, they could sit on their tailgates and show videos of rodeos on their phones, and people would flock to them in droves, paying money to peer over their broad shoulders.

So… what if they brought a brand new rodeo right here to our back yard?

Well good news, rodeo fans! These four champions, along with a few of their friends, have started the Elite Rodeo Athletes, a new rodeo association that highlights the hottest names in the game, and they’re bringing the action right here to the Ford Idaho Center for the Treasure Valley to enjoy! Nampa is being given the opportunity to host the second performance of the ERA Premiere Tour on April 1st and 2nd, and it promises to be an exciting new way to experience rodeo.


The ERA promises a new concept in a traditional sport, providing fans with the top names in rodeo, but also increasing access to the athletes. Not only will Nampa have the chance to see the likes of Brazile, Kaycee Feild, Luke Branquinho, Fallon Taylor, and more competing in their events, but will be seeing them up-close and personal as well. The action on the dirt will start at 7:30 p.m. both evenings, but ticket holders are encouraged to show up at 6:00 p.m. where they’ll be able to head onto the arena floor for a meet-and-greet and autograph signing with the athletes themselves. There aren’t very many bad seats in the Idaho Center, but it doesn’t get any better than shaking hands at centerfield!

One of the main missions of the ERA is to provide a rodeo experience that is centered around the fans, and is seeking to make them central to the event, starting with offering access like this, and offering opportunities to bring the best in the business to an accessible level. Special family deals are also available, making sure that everyone gets a shot to experience the fun.

Idaho will even get a shot at seeing one of our own, Matt Shiozawa, compete locally. The Chubbuck cowboy is sure to have quite a crowd of his own fans cheering for him, and why not? Shiozawa has amassed over 1.5 million in earnings over his 17-year career with enough gold buckles to blind the last good judge on the field. He’s bound to be a favorite of the fans in attendance, and why not? He’s been earning it since 1999!

Since this is only the second stop of the first-ever tour of this upstart league, we wont know what to expect for sure until the chutes open on Friday evening, but we can be pretty sure of this: when you have the biggest names in the game, high-grade stock, and the best indoor venue in the state, everything lines up to look like a heck of an experience.

Is it rodeo season yet? The ERA says yes, and I’m ready!






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