Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, was joined by Melinda Jean Stafford on this week’s D&B Garden Show. Melinda is the BSU Campus Programs Director and Advisor for the Boise State Bee Team. Melinda joined Debbie to talk about bees and what to start doing right now with your hives.

If you are noticing dead bees outside of your hive, your hive could be infected with mites. Bees like to keep a very clean and healthy hive, therefore the healthy bees will kick out the unhealthy ones. Melinda shares how and when to treat your hives for mites.


Warmer temperatures will begin to wake up your bees. You should see your bees flying around the hive during the warmer temperatures as this will also be an indication of a healthy hive. Melinda talks about feeding instructions through the winter and what you should do if you suspect your bees may be running out of food.

Debbie and Melinda discuss why bees swarm and what you should do if this happens. Do you know what equipment you need to begin beekeeping? Are you curious about the healing benefits of natural honey? Learn about the different packages you will need to begin backyard beekeeping.Listen in to hear Debbie and Melinda discuss these topics and much more.

Please remember to check out Melinda’s blog for a lot of helpful and educational bee information here.

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