Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, was joined on the garden show this week by Gretchen Anderson. Gretchen is the author of The Backyard Chicken Fight and our resident “chicken expert”.


Gretchen shared some tips for your chickens surviving winter. Chickens prefer the colder months over the summer months. She explains how they keep warm and what you can do to keep your chickens comfortable during frigid temperatures. Make sure your hens get plenty of protein as this helps keep their body temperature regulated. Your chickens need water – provide them with plenty of fresh water and invest in a heated bucket to prevent freezing.

Are you thinking about keeping chickens? It’s always a great idea to check with your CCR’s if you live in a subdivision or check with you city code on keeping poultry. Listen in to hear Gretchen and Debbie talk chickens.

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