With the beginning of a new year, I’m excited about the topics and guests we have planned for the D&B Garden show for 2016. If you haven’t listened before, start the New Year with the D&B Garden Show, Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on KIDO, AM 580. You’ll get all kinds of great garden information and tips to make your gardening life a little easier. We’re all learning from each other, about this big garden we call Earth. Click here to listen to previous episodes of the D&B Garden Show.

In January, to coincide with National bird day, we’ll be talking about how to certify your yard as a National Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. Most of us are well on our way to having at least some of the requirements but it might be fun to get your garden certified. Schools and businesses may also meet the requirements and obtain recognition for helping our urban wildlife.


We’ll be talking with chicken expert and D&B blogger, Gretchen Anderson, about chickens and how to best care for them during the winter. This is the time of year chickens need a little special attention and it’s up to us to make sure they have what they need to stay healthy and happy. We’ll also be able to talk to D&B blogger, Laura Blodget, about how you can make a heavy duty chicken water heater. If you already keep chickens, this is a tip that will make your life much easier and warmer, since you won’t have to go outside in the early morning to deal with frozen water.

122915_How To Make Chicken Water Heater

National Seed Swap day is January 30th and we’ll talk to enthusiastic seed saver Margaret Lauterbach and Laura Blodget about the best way to save seed from year to year. There are things to consider about seed saving when planning and planting and this will get you ahead of the game for the coming growing season.


There isn’t much happening in our gardens this time of year, but it’s a great time to plan, get soil testing done, put our seed orders together (don’t wait too long to order, many sell out quickly), check our stored summer bulbs or stored fruits and vegetables, dust the leaves of your houseplants or give them a shower and get your tools ready for another wonderful garden year.

Give me a call on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. MST at 208-580-5436 if you have any garden questions or want to share anything about your garden. I look forward to visiting with you on Saturday mornings! If you miss the show, you can listen to previous episodes ny clicking here.

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