Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, shared some great information this week about healthy evergreen trees and Christmas blooms.

Are you wondering if the appearance of your evergreen trees is healthy? Debbie explains what your evergreens should be looking like this time of year. Do you have moths in your pantry or cupboards? With a lot of diligence, you can get rid of them with pheromone traps and elbow grease rather than harmful chemicals.

Pink Flower_120315_blog

Debbie explains where you should be in the process for having your poinsettias and Christmas cacti ready for Christmas, and shares some tips for beautiful blooms. Are you growing paper whites? Debbie gives some tips to help your droopy blooms stay perky and how using alcohol can stunt stem growth. Amaryllis bulbs are a great gift to give this time of year and Debbie shares some easy planting tips for healthy buds.

Enjoying the Idaho Botanical Gardens is a special treat this time of year. Bundle up and head to the 19th Annual Winter Garden a Glow. Find out all the details here.

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