By Mark Schmitt, President D&B Supply.

This past Saturday at the Idaho Cowboy Association (ICA) finals I had the honor of presenting Caseyn Pearson a Montana Silversmiths buckle to recognize him as the ICA Jr. Bullfighter of the year. This is a recognition that was built just for him! Caseyn has been a Jr. Bullfighter for the ICA for seven years. Each of those years D&B has been very proud to sponsor Caseyn, the work he has done for the ICA and the sport of rodeo.

Everything that we do and stand for at D&B has a connection to our customers’ land, their animals and the lifestyle that they live. The rodeo spirit still embodies all of that. God and country and doing the right thing are still core values in the rodeo business. As an ambassador of the rodeo business with the D&B logo on his back, and on his barrel, we could not have found a better young man to represent D&B! I am proud to have had the opportunity to get to know Caseyn over the years. I am quite certain that Caseyn will continue excel in his rodeo career and in life! Rumor has it that the Snake River Stamped rodeo won’t let him go as their mutton bust’n barrel man. As long as Caseyn is on the dirt, I will have a shirt and a logo for him!

P.S. for Mom and Dad: children like Caseyn do not just happen by accident! Well done!




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