Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, welcomed Ashton Ritchie from The Scott’s Company. Ashton called in to the show this week to talk turf and gardening and answer listener questions.

With the cooler weather also comes feeding time for your grass. This is especially important for your turf’s root system. Ashton suggests feeding your lawn twice a year – both times being in the fall. Fall is also an excellent time to plant grass seed.


Are you seeing any bare spots in your lawn? Ashton gives some great tips for filling in those spots and how you should care them. Are you finding fungus or rust in your lawn? Ashton has some low cost methods to get your lawn on the right track to being healthy.

Ashton suggests using a weed and feed product for weed control in your lawn and flower beds during the cooler weather. It’s best to use a weed control for perennial weeds on a day when the temperature is between fifty and sixty degrees. Ashton has some great advice for when and how to do this without damaging your grass.

If you would like to read Ashton’s blog, you can find it here: Tips From Ashton

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