National Honey Bee Day took place this year on August 22, but was celebrated by the Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club and friends all weekend long! This weekend is really a sight to see, with a variety witty, silly, fun, educational, and inspiring events.

This year we kicked off the celebratory weekend with Lieutenant Governor, Brad Little, who made Boise the “City of Bees” on August 22nd by proclaiming that day Idaho Honey Bee Day.


We had to celebrate that epic event with two of our favorite things – bees and beer (only one letter difference, how coincidental) by swarming through downtown Boise during our beekeepers Pub Swarm. We buzzed from one bar to the next laughing, sharing beekeeping tips and tricks, and just having a jolly good time.




Next we thought it might be good to actually spread the good word about bees, so we headed to the Idaho Botanical Gardens for Bug Days! Our beek friend, Kevin, brought his observation hive and smoker to teach local kids about the cute little bugs.



We ended the week at Boise State University near their rooftop beehives on the SUB. Our guest of honor, Dr. Dewey Caron, lead a phenomenal lecture on honey bee pests and diseases and how to manage them. Next, Dr. Caron and our second guest of honor, Jan Lowman of the Oregon Master Beekeeping Program, did a live hive inspection on the roof of the SUB! What was awesome about this event was folks could watch from inside because Dr. Caron had a wireless mic.





It wouldn’t be an official end to the week without our favorite things together again, plus a few more. So we said cheers with bees, beers, brats, and a bonfire.


I love this annual celebration for the fun, silly, and witty events, but also for the opportunity to learn something new about beekeeping. But, beyond all that, I love this weekend because of the camaraderie between beekeepers. Beekeeping isn’t always a cakewalk, but there’s a network of others that remind me WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. The success of my neighbor beekeeper directly affects me and visa versa. We all want each other to succeed and the support in that is refreshing. Please don’t miss out out next year’s National Honey Bee Day events. I promise you won’t regret beein’ there.

Keep your bees buzzin’ y’all!

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