Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, received listener questions on a variety of tops this week. She gives great storage tips for delicious tasting tomatoes along with the health benefits and tomato fun facts.


Do you have a poinsettia you’re wanting to be red and beautiful by Christmas? Now is the time to start thinking about this. Start introducing your plant to darkness and get it ready to be a houseplant. For 10 weeks, your poinsettia will need 14 hours of darkness per day while you continue to water as normal. Debbie gives some great advice on how to care for your plant until Christmas.

Curious about fall container planting? Try a flowering cabbage, flowering kale, spinach or some pansies. Are you seeing pesky critters flying around your walnut tree? Listen in to hear about the Walnut Husk fly and what you can do about them. Are you seeing white residue on your cucumber fruit? This could be powdery mildew. Just listen in to Debbie’s tips for getting rid of this.

Need some inspiration for getting your neighbors together and beautifying your shared space? Take a look at the SNOW Alley Project here: Lighting  Trellis Project Rain Barrel

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