Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, started off her show this week talking about rose petal beads. Listen in as she gives step by step instructions on how to make these fragrant beads out of rose petals and try it for yourself.

Do you know when cantaloupes and watermelons are ready to pick? Did you know that apple trees can sometimes turn into biennial bearer? Are you still treating for the lilac ash borer? Are you a new gardener and unsure about basic watering needs? Listen in to hear the answers to these questions and much more information about pruning.


This is the time of year where spider mites may be visiting some of your plants. Your plants may look a little dusty – this is because the spider mites are sucking the chlorophyll from the leaves. Before any treatment, check product labeling. Your insecticide will need to specifically state that it will kill spider mites, since they are technically an arachnid.

Your herbs should be ready to harvest. Drying is the best way to preserve the oil. Debbie gives some great tips and tricks for harvesting. Click below to listen to the entire podcast.

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