If there’s one thing Idaho proves over and again, it’s that there’s no shortage of rodeo action for anyone inclined to attend. From the smallest to the most grandiose, there’s a rodeo for your enjoyment to be found across the state and in every size and style. They all have their own unique feel and approach that varies from town to town, but if there’s one rodeo that can boast the most loyalty of any in the Gem State, it would have to be found in the heart of the 2C at the Caldwell Night Rodeo.

Every year the Caldwell Night Rodeo hosts one of the largest rodeos in a state that boasts a plethora of them from border to border, and brings a unique approach to high quality western entertainment to a town and region that embraces it wholeheartedly. Where most towns the size of Caldwell would host what might be termed a “local” rodeo, affiliated with a state or regional association, the Caldwell Night Rodeo is an official Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association event, drawing championship level competitors and a fiercely devout crowd since 1935. It’s not just “a rodeo” to Caldwell. It’s “their rodeo”, and they are almost religious in their devotion to attending and supporting it.


The fervor is more than just an attachment to the event itself, though. Loyal fans will pick their seating not only based on the best place to see the action or shade from the summer sun, but with unwavering zeal, will select the side of the arena that labels them as a “rowdy” or “civvie”, and revel in every opportunity to identify themselves as such. Yes, it goes beyond mere attachment to the rodeo itself, down to a parochial approach to seating. That’s a dedication not many rodeos across the west can boast.

For all that, though, the Caldwell Night Rodeo continues to bring the fans back to the Canyon County Fairgrounds with top-shelf action each and every night of each and every year. From the fine stock of Hank Franzen’s Powder River Rodeo Company to the highest level of competitors in each event from across the PRCA, the rodeo ensures that fans are offered an experience in western excellence from the time the first bareback chute swings until the last bull is headed to the catch pen. Caldwell holds back nothing for its fans, and the community pours itself back in time and time again, keeping this rodeo one of the go-to events in the Treasure Valley.

This year’s edition of the Caldwell Night Rodeo will be held August 18th-22nd. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are family nights, offering free admission to children under 12 in attendance with their parents, and nights throughout the week will be dedicated to The Power Of Pink, advocating breast care awareness and treatment, Man Up Crusade, advocating domestic violence prevention and support, and Wrangler Patriot Night helping CNR’s own Military Relief Fund.

Not sure if you’re all that interested? Just ask the locals. They’re all happy to let you know that theirs is the best rodeo in the area. Be warned, though: you might hear a word or two about the fans on the other side of the arena!

And don’t forget the Caldwell Night Rodeo ticket voucher program going on at all D&B Supply stores. Customer buys $50 worth of Wrangler receives a rodeo voucher. Be sure to get to your favorite D&B Supply, quick, vouchers are limited in supply and go quick!

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