Three years ago my wife went out to get the newspaper and came back in babbling something about an overnight bee invasion. I went out to find that bees had swarmed on one of our trees. There was no hive, just a moving, buzzy mass of bees crawling over one another, clinging to the branches of a tree we had just pruned the day before. As far as my wife was concerned, it was “Beemadeddon!”

This year when we found another swarm in our tree we knew exactly what to do. We did NOT call an exterminator, we called a beekeeper! You can find a local beekeeper HERE. Most beekeepers will happily relocate the bees for you free of charge! Bees are efficient and effective pollinators and at risk because people keep trying to kill them. Bees are responsible for the pollination of most of our crops so without bees we won’t have those foods. When bees swarm like this it’s because they’re about to relocate somewhere else and they are highly UNLIKELY to sting you in this state as they don’t have a hive to protect. So if you are a fan of food, bees are your friend, don’t kill them. Make a beekeeper’s day by calling one to RELOCATE your swarm.




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