We asked a few employees to contribute their stories about their mom to share with others for Mother’s Day. Thank you to Rachel from the Garden City D&B and Shon from the Boise store for sharing.


By: Rachel Morgan

I would like to take a minute and tell you about my mom. I lost her at a very young age. I was 11 years old when she passed away. All I have are memories of her. Not just memories but beautiful memories. Memories that I can see very vividly still. She was a woman with the biggest heart any one could ever have . At her funeral my dad had said she was such a giving person. Whenever someone didn’t have a smile she gave them one of hers. Really all mom had were hugs and smiles and they stretched a very long way. I try my hardest to live in her footsteps when it comes to this. So every Mothers day I talk to her and tell her I love her and to save a hug and a smile for me . We will meet again someday.

By: Shon Eddleman

Fifty years ago there was a woman that decided to marry a dairy farmer, and that’s where my mother’s story begins.

After moving from her house just three miles away to her new, and current, home she became a wife, a daughter-in-law, a calf feeder, a corn truck driver, a baby pig foster mom, a veterinarian, a barn cleaner and the job she did and still does the best, a mother.

While raising two daughters, she was spending countless hours on school projects, being a room mother, a taxi driver, staying at numberous shows and fairs and helping us with all our 4-H and FFA animals, my mom still had time for our dad and all of the ups and downs of farm life.

She always made sure we had lunches packed, clean clothes ready to go for the next day and she never seemed to worry about what she had not done for herself, as long as our things were in order, she was pleased.

Mom, to this day, makes sure that dad is taken care of, while still working on the family farm and greenhouse business. And, she does it with the same love as she has for the past fifty years of marriage.

Nothing has really changed, she is still a farm wife, a mother and mother-in-law, but her favorite roll is that of grandmother. But to me, she will always be the best mom ever.


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