I am going to veer kinda somewhat off the Pinterest path on this one, and by veer I might mean this recipe is not on Pinterest at all. But I  would really  like to share it with you because of the following list of reasons;

1. You can use literally any type of ground meat that you prefer, you could probably even sub tofu in! (But the minute rice might throw you off if you are paleo, gluten free or simply opposed to Minute Rice).

2. If you were sick your child/children could put this meal on the table in place of your absence.

3. Ingredient list includes pantry staples.

4. Making it your own (adding food items your family enjoys) will win you “oooh’s and aaaah’s.”

5. This dish can be made multiple times with your “made it my own” ideas, before anyone comments on how frequently you have made the dish.

6. This maybe the most key point of the entire recipe! YOU ONLY NEED ONE PAN! Thats it! ONE! No bowls. No extra dishes. Just a cooking utensil for… cooking.

Are you ready for this? First the name of the recipe, Turkey Stuff. My family has called this dish “Turkey Stuff” for thier entire lives. It came from a friend of my mother’s over 30 years ago. We have never  known the proper name nor have have used the “real” recipe. The recipe from the begining was altered. Thus the name “Turkey Stuff.” Originally we made it with ground turkey. Ground turkey was becoming all the rage in fitness circles if you recall a few decades ago. Also, it was originally made with low-fat cheese. Yes, I typed those horrid words, (low-fat cheese). NEVER has that been used in our preparation of this dish! I beleive I have sufficiently built the anticipation as well as exhausted you with my tales. So here it is, the basic ingredient list;


Roughly or at least 1lb. ground meat

  • 1 pkg. Lawrys Taco seasoning
  • 1 can tomato sauce
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 heaping cup Minute Rice
  • Cheese

Thats it!


I usually get all my ingredients out and ready, this happens quickly!


Brown your meat choice (mine is ground chicken) season as you normally would, ya know S&P a little Lawrys garlic salt Cali. style, you must season your meat friends! Turn to medium low heat, particularly if on glass cooktop.

PAUSE: At this point if you would like to add anything to sautee with the meat DO IT! Pablano chile slices, celery, onions, thin carrots, garlic, make it your own! My people hate all that so mine remains on the side.

Add taco season packet. *TIP: you can fill the taco season packet with the water, no need for a measuring cup, it’s close enough. After eating Turkey Stuff the first time feel free to adjust water for thicker or thinner sauce.

Make sure the seasining is good and incorporated!


Add the tomato sauce and Minute Rice, stir very well. Turn down the heat to very low as you finish combining.


After giving a good stir, top with as much, or as little, of any kind of cheese your family enjoys (except low-fat). Obviously the key is quickness here. Pre-shredded cheese is the bomb! I mixed tons of mozzarella with a fiesta blend for sass. Remove from heat.


Cover and let the Minute Rice absorb the liquid. Give it five minutes and give rice a check. It should be very done.

We like ours with sour cream and avacado as well. A little hot sauce spices things right up!


Durring your five minute wait, warm some flour tortillas, please friends, not in the microwave! If you do not have a proper tortilla warming pan, a large skillet works as well. Heat the pan throw in the tortillas, two at a time then simply wrap them in a clean dry dish towel for holding/serving. It will change your life if you have been microwaving tortillas. For real!

TADA!!! There it is, Turkey Stuff!

To all family cooks out there, enjoy your meal. Forget the clean up, there isn’t much to clean up. I promise your family will love this. Mine have been eating it their whole lives and love the leftovers even more.

Happy Cooking!

Always Looking Forward, Jennifer




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