Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, welcomed this beautiful weekend weather with a lot of listener questions this week.


Listen in to Debbie’s advice and answers to these questions: How do I get rid of the suckers under my trees? Is it the right time to mulch my garden? What are some watering tips for planting onion sets in order for healthy onion bulbs? Does my pine tree have borers or a fungus? Is it too early to put out my hummingbird feeder? Can I cut down my ornamental grasses right now?

Are you ready to plant a bare root tree? Debbie shares some planting and watering tips to ensure a healthy start. She also talks in-depth about mail-ordering plants and flowers. Debbie explains how to understand and decipher the descriptive wording and language in order to save you time and money.


  1. Brad Salsburg says:

    Great and informative podcast! So many interesting questions and topics addressed. We are so glad that spring is here and planting season is underway!

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