A group of D&B Supply women and their friends had a great time last month up in Riggins fishing for steelhead. Thank you ladies for sharing the pictures and comments.

Mundy Kiester
Julie Slayton
Jill Shipley
Chad (Bait Boy) River’s Adventure Guide
Sherri Schwandt
Jennifer Weicher
Moira Purtell

Whitney Gregory
Sarah Prough
Emily Garringer

Woman with Bait Steel Head Fishing Tournament was booked through River’s Adventure in Riggins, Idaho. Our guides were Rich Friend and Bait Boy Chad. I believe a total of 786 women were signed up this year for this extremely popular and fast growing six week long event! We fished “Vinegar Creek” from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Moira Purtell: Exciting trip! I caught two Natives! Only guides can hold for quick photo! Our bait boy estimated my first fish approx. 24 inches and the second one about 30 inches! Cool City! You can only keep the hatchery ones so NO fish to come home with!

I was so excited and PROUD! Fabulous weekend get-a-way! I managed to catch two Natives! We are only able to keep and record Hatchery Steelhead in tournament results.



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