I will admit I have Spring Fever! I get it every year! Spring just never gets old. How could it? It is called Spring! More birds are chirping in the wee hours of the morn. The sun is rising earlier, when it is not raining. And husbands are building garden boxes! Oh wait not yours? Or you already have one? If you already have your boxes ready and waiting, GOOD FOR YOU! Mine have just been completed in time for my b-day. WHICH IS THE FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF SRIIING.  I understand you’re probably thinking, “Oh, that is why she loves Spring.” Not true. I would love it anyway. The b-day adds a little more excitement, but not much. Now these new garden boxes that await me, that is exciting! These are the biggest ones I have ever had. I am looking forward to filling them. These garden boxes were pretty easy to assemble. I can partly say that because mainly -M assembled them. And partly because he had a local home improvement store cut the wood. What a perk.

For each box -M used six 5×10’s two of which where cut directly in half to form the ends. He then simply used two 2×4’s cut into smaller pieces as extra corner and center supports, oh he also says he used liquid nails and glued them as well.



We are going to fill them with dirt and stain the outside this week, ya know for my b-day.

I also threw in a few pics of some of our blessings! #freestuff = flag stone, sod, as well as fill dirt that will come on the east side of our pie. I like to call the back yard a pie because of it’s fantastic shape. No I mean it. I like the shape.


And a pic of the new patio, still drying but thats ok, I can bbq in the dirt ALL DAY LONG! Cuz this too shall pass.


Happy Spring my friends! Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest boards; Outdoor Living and My Secret Addiction. Hopefully I will get to incorporate some of these great ideas into our current backyard project.

Springing Forward,




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