Over the last year D&B Supply has been asked by our customers for an expanded selection in cattle handling equipment to meet their needs. What we were missing was equipment for managing larger volumes of cattle efficiently and safely. We are very excited to bring to our customers 2W Livestock Equipment; which specializes in heavy duty cattle handling equipment. We are currently caring 2W in Caldwell and Jerome, Idaho and Ontario, Baker City and Pendleton, Oregon.

We are able to customize a system for your individual needs if what you see at our locations doesn’t exactly fit your needs. Contact Dan Collingwood @ 208-514-5538 for a ranch call to see what we can do to fill you needs.

2W Livestock Equipment Ltd. manufactures top quality affordable steel livestock handling equipment for the cattle, horse, bison and rodeo industries.   All of the equipment is powder coated for a long lasting and durable finish and the entire manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.  In order to keep up with the growing demands and needs of today’s livestock producers, 2W continually strives to improve existing product lines and develop new ones.

2W’s heavy duty Wrangler System consists of crowding alleys, crowding tubs, palpation cages and squeeze chutes which are all constructed of 2 inch 13 gauge tube.  The alleys, tubs & palpation cages are lined with ¼ inch puck board which makes the system much more durable and quieter.   The parallel access squeeze chute comes standard with automatic headgate and neck extender, access doors at the front on both sides, drop down and interchangeable side bars, drop downbottom doors  and aluminum tailgate.

The heavy duty line of gates and panels is also constructed of 2 inch 13 gauge tube which makes it one of the heaviest lines on the market today.  They are available in 400, 500 and 600 Series which are 5 rail 5 feet high when mounted,  6 rail 6 feet high when mounted and 7 rail 7 feet high when mounted respectively.  The 500 Series is the most popular today for cattle handling and the 600 Series is ideal for bison.

Numerous options are available for the Wrangler System and in the gate and panel lines which allow the user to design the handling system that is ideal for him/her.

Click here to see some of the 2W Livestock Equipment that is available. Note that our online store might now have all 2W items listed that are available at participating D&B Supply stores.

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