I  L O V E SPRING! Spring is just the best. There is new life everywhere you look. The sun returns in all of it’s glory and warmth, days grow longer, baby cows romp through fields, bees buzz about, tulips, snowdrops, and daffodils begin to pop up everywhere, and D&B Supply has BABY CHICKS! I really love this awakening after long cloudy and cold winters. What a blessing to live in Idaho where the changing of each season is so evident. With the arrival of spring comes gardening! Oh man, you know how a puppies whole body wiggles when it wags it’s tale in true delight? I could do that right now. For us, the exciting part of this spring is starting a new back yard with a blank slate.

I believe that I mentioned in a previous blog that we moved back to the area at the end of July 2014. Once again, we moved to a home with no back yard. This will be our third back yard to install in ten years. Creating, planting, designing, dreaming, are all things right up my alley. I want to do the work myself. Standing back after a good days work in the beautiful sun reveling in the work of my labor, ahhh not much else compares. However… this yard is a big one. Suddenly I am thinking, “Uhm yeah it’s ok to hire out the sprinkler trenching.” I will be good with that! Already this job has started over our heads. Our friends at A-1 quality concrete have already had to literally dig us out of a sticky situation. During construction it became evident we were the low lot. That inevitably means keeping an eye on drainage. A word to the wise, the internet is not 100 percent accurate. Particularly relating to FRENCH DRAINS. (More on this in a later blog post).

Being the low lot also means we have a great deal of opportunity for more creativity. You see how my mind works! “Burms, hills, elevations are going to be more fun” I say, as -M grumbles under his breath. Adding to the creativity level is our very large pie shaped lot. “Outdoor rooms!” I say, as -M grumbles again, louder this time. I’m not sure why though, he always enjoys the finished product. If you, like me, cannot get enough planting, gardening, learning about said subjects check out the two boards I have on my Pinterest page, “My Secret Addiction” and “Outdoor Living.”

Here are some of my our plans listed out:

Three garden boxes, grape trellis, bean trellis, stone walk way, irrigation, grass, patio around back house with cover, an elevated fire pit area, some privacy plantings, a flower cutting garden, planting area off the patio, a clump river birch as focal point, a clump maple as focal point, a small retaining wall for seating, and eventually a POOL.

So I will stir your imagination with a few pictures of the barren before. We do have one section well on it’s way and concrete will be poured this week, but I am way behind in life in general, due to the pup. Macie is a little time consuming.

Spring(ing) Forward,






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