Do you have useful hints, tips and ideas that you would like to share with the D&B community? What do you do that makes life easier? D&B is looking to inspire others with your knowledge.

  • Hints: Putting your dogs food on an elevated surface can make it a tad bit easier on your old pup to eat every day.
  • Tips: If your tires get slightly stuck on a slick surface, pouring kitty litter under your tires will give you better traction.
  • Idea: Reuse old pallets to make planter boxes or shelving. OR Use horse trailer mats under your portable summertime pool for an even surface.

Sharing your ideas and making life easier for you and others is great whether you live on a farm or in a subdivision.

Call it hints, tips, ideas, wisdom, hacks, crafty or been-around-the-block knowledge, we would like to share your knowledge through channels like radio, print and social media. Just for sharing your ideas with us, you will be entered to win one of two $25 D&B gift cards and have the chance to help educate and inspire the D&B community.

What does your emergency kit look like in your car? Did you know that a D&B bucket is great or separating the different type of Traeger grilling pellets? Has Pinterest inspired you to paint, build or repurpose? What’s the most creative way you have used Duct Tape?

Click HERE to submit your idea and if we choose your ideas, we will contact you via email on March 2, 2015.

Here are some great ideas and inspiration for your submission. Good luck!








Instructables Dog Beds

Dog Bed by @DiansK9Creations 

Jean Swing for Toddler by @VelaCreations

Busy Board for Toddlers by Jenga747


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