Boy, what a busy two weeks! I had completely forgotten the care and attention required to have little ones in the house, (my baby is 19) and even if they have paws, they are still little ones. ­čÖé Two weeks ago we adopted a rescue pup from the Idaho┬áHumane Society. Her name is Macie Blue. And oh how we love her. She is an adorable handfull of energy and of course love. It really is comparable to a baby. I never would have thought I would say that, but it’s true. My saving grace comes in having 5 adults in the house to lend a hand. But still… so much time and limitation we have again. Macie is worth it!


Well, with that paragraph of excuse, I did actually try a new recipe last Thursday! Getting the time to post, well, finally here it is:)

I watched an episode of “The Pioneer Woman” and saw her making this, then found it on Pinterest. -sidenote- I really like to watch “The Pioneer Woman” she is so pleasant, the┬áranch is beautiful, and I want to be her! Well maybe not “be” her but at least be her friend. I joke with the kids all the time and tell them, “Keep it down, my friend is here!” while I watch her show, because it’s a rare occurrence for me have the time to catch an episode. My kids just roll their eyes.

Anyway, the recipe is “Salisbury Steak Meatballs with Noodles.” If I have not mentioned it before I feel it’s necessary to mention that I really like recipes that can use staples. I once had to buy cardamom (a spice) for a recipe eight years ago, not only did that bottle of cardamom cost me $15.99, BUT eight years later it still sits in my cabinet as full as it was eight years ago! You may be thinking, “Uhm, you should toss that, it’s probably no good.” NOPE! I am keeping that puppy incase cardamom pops up again! I also mention this because if you look at the ingredients listed in the original recipe and my list┬áof ingredients below you will notice a swap: fancy and stronger mustards swapped for worcestershire sauce. That sauce is a rare use for me, so when I ran out it didn’t make it on the grocery list. The other thing I really like are recipes that don’t fall apart with one ingredient exchanged or missing. I know, kinda lazy but that’s my thing.

To the recipe! Here is the link to the original recipe that will give you what to combine and how long to cook. These Salisbury Meatballs were sooo good. The texture and flavor I so enjoyed. They were easy and delicious. There is also the salisbury gravy/sauce, which was very simple to adjust the thickness on and it din’t fall apart. This was a really good, hearty meal. Ree (she’s my friend) made hers with egg noodles, so I did the same. Next time I will most likely do mashed potatoes, as suggested by -M. He was right about the texture, it would be much more complimentary in our opinion, (sorry Ree). Also important to mention that -M loves Salisbury steak. You know the frozen sauce and pattys of some-kind-of meat-in-a-box-from-the-freezer-section. I once bought and made them for dinner at his pleading. I think one of the kids threw up. Needless to say I had salad that night. Oh one other thing, Ree put a whole onion in her sauce, -M said we needed to whoa down on the onion. Way too much and I agreed. The mustard flavor was evident because of the ones I chose, if you’re not a mustard fan, do the “w-sauce.” (hard to spell and say).


1 Ground beef

1 Onion, Large
1 Parsley, Fresh

Canned Goods
1 Beef base or crumbled beef bouillon cubes, Powdered
1 Beef broth
1 Cornstarch mixed with a little beef broth to make

2 Catsup
1 Mustard, Brown
2 Worcester sauce

Pasta & Grains
1 Egg noodles

Baking & Spices
1 Black pepper
1 Salt

Bread & Baked Goods
1 Breadcrumbs, Seasoned

1 Half Stick Land o’ lakes salted butter



So as a consus the Salisbury Meatballs with Noodles were a hit! Everyone enjoyed the meal. And you guessed it Nooo Paprikaaaa:0 yaay it’s a keeper.
Always Looking Forward,


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