My family and I were fortunate enough to be able to watch Melinda Jean Stafford and her interns from the BSU rooftop beekeeping program lift the first bee board from it’s hive this past weekend. With unseasonably like weather, one of the hives was very active and was the first to be inspected.

Although we were not able to stay long, the lasting impression on my eight year old twins was phenomenal. They ventured out to the deck of the roof and did not panic one bit with all the bee activity going on. They wanted to know when we get to buy and eat the BSU honey. One of the highlights (that is now an interpretive dance in our house) was seeing the bees drink from a saucer of water, and how their abdomen wiggles while they drink. Ahh, to be eight.

Below are some pictures that were taken from behind the glass. Thank you to Melinda and the BSU interns for a great experience.

Best. Sign. Ever.


They had the smoker out to calm the bees on an almost 70 degree day.


This is Melinda just as she lifted the first frame up and out of the very active hive. I wanted to start singing the Lion King theme song.


A closer look (through the glass) at the first frame.


An even closer look. Nature is pretty darn cool.


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