In a six part series, Melinda Jean Stafford, the Program Coordinator for the Boise State University Rooftop Beekeeping Internship program, gives an introductory beekeeping class at the Meridian D&B Supply.
See this and more videos on the D&B YouTube page.

Beginning Beekeeping Part 1

Melinda explains that diving right in is the best way to learn about beekeeping. She explains what the number one rule is in beekeeping and explains the three things that bees need to live and thrive: a dry place to live, food and parasite management.

Beginning Beekeeping Part 2

What types of broods that you have? Workers, drones and of course the queen. Can you spot the queen and what is the color of the year? Learn about the worker bees life cycle and the beekeeping equipment that you might want to invest in.

Beginning Beekeeping Part 3

Beekeeping: A year at a glance. How to manage, work and interact with them, you might even name them. Although you might love your bees like a house pet, you really don’t want them to know that you are there. Stay calm, move slow and don’t act like a bear.

Beginning Beekeeping Part 4

Feeding. How and when to feed your bees when there is not a lot of blooming happening in your area. Sugar syrup is a very simple way to feed your bees but in the fall make sure that the sugar water is a much thicker than the spring.

You want to learn how to inspect your hive. Is your queen doing? Is she laying eggs, are their broods growing in your hive, is the population gettin bigger? Making sure that

Beginning Beekeeping Part 5

Harvesting your honey will have different colors based on where your bees have been. A simple introduction to harvesting your honey and wax and what you can do with it. Melinda covers the basics of what to expect when extracting the honey from the bees, why to watch for the buildup of honey and how to avoid robbing the bees so that they can be used next year.

Beginning Beekeeping Part 6 – Audience Q&A

A wide variety of questions that Melinda answers from mosquitoes, swarms, brood boxes, honey extraction and mite treatment.

  1. Kerry LaMana says:

    I was at this class with my son, we are so thankful for it! It was a great & informative class & we are super excited to try out what we learned!

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