Most good projects begin with something free. Something found. Even something repurposed. The less financial investment involved simply makes the project that much sweeter. I so enjoy seeing how many lives one simple object can actually live!

Enter picture frames. Oh, and I should have mentioned in my first post… Spray Paint is a Girls Best Friend. Spray paint has the ability to, as instantly as possible, transform an object. Something old magically becomes something NEW. If that object doesn’t quite match or compliment the flow of the room it’s, in? BAM Spray Paint! Indoor object, you just became an outdoor object. You get the idea. We can begin with the picture frames. I have two sets of frames. One set is just that. Frames. The other set actually contains pictures, glass, backs and such. These frames, both sets, have had a number of lives! Thank you spray paint!

The set we are focusing on today began their lives as thrift store rescues. For the lot of them I paid under $5.00. They where hideous! The largest one actually had a puckey green velvet inset with gold trim highlighting the puke. The others were not far behind on the super ugly scale. Yes, I know every one paints picture frames. But do they? Or are we all just seeing other people do it and saying, “That is so easy, I could totally do that.” If anything or anyone stands still in my house long enough you are likely to get a coat of spray paint at some point in your life. If your lucky, multiple times! My husband, commonly known as -M, HATES it. He probably saves me from quite a bit of regret. But I’ll keep that to myself for now. If he weren’t watching… OHHH the things I would spray paint! Living on a budget makes a girl that looooves to decorate, change things, and bring in seasonal color and decorations, very resourceful. Don’t hate your circumstance, embrace it! Ya know lemons make lemonade! And lemon bars, and lemon ice cream, sorbet smoothies, geez even room freshener. Use what you are able to attain or already have. That way your house says YOU live there. And your husband will keep letting you live there. Right?

Something I was definitely passionate about during the time I had the design business was, I don’t want to decorate your house for you. I am here to help you discover what you love and achieve that. To encourage women to take the step. Just do it! (Is that copyrighted?) Anyway, I was certainly amazed at how frequently people really didn’t know what they liked. I like spray paint. I want to share these frames with you. They are simple to do, yet add so much personality to the entry wall of our home.


At Christmas time I decided to transform them yet again. I had purchased the frames for one of the girls bedrooms, and when we moved she had no room for them. In her previous room they were high gloss black. Oh, they were so pretty. So to Christmas them up I had some “looking glass spray paint” leftover from another project, or you could say #pinterestfail. Might I just add, that if about a year ago, you were not hunting the Treasure Valley for the looking glass spray paint, can you really call yourself a true Pinner? I don’t think so. If you were smart you just BOUGHT the mercury glass. Moving on. I mixed it with some gold spray paint, also from another project, and just kind of did my own technique to make them look antique-y. Then voila! made a collage.


Christmas having come and gone, the frames were some what out of place with their current theme. I did like them and I had put a couple tiny holes in the wall, which -M does not approve of so I had to transform them yet again. They had to stay. There were holes in the wall. I had some craft paints (you guessed it) from another project and just gussied them right up using an old craft brush, some sponge wedges, and I mixed the two paints until I got the look I was after. I so enjoy them. I chose a couple of items that represent our family (and were deeply discounted) to get the collage going. I do have my eye on one more item but it’s not on sale yet so I will wait. For $10.00 I have put this entry display together. And I’m happy… for now. Give it a try. Particularly in late January lots of things could use some renewing! Happy creating friends!

Always looking forward, Jennifer


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