This week I chose to do a sweet treat for Pinterest Thursdays. These beautiful cheesecake cookies have been glaring at me from my “cookies” board on Pinterest. I suppose they can only glare at me because I keep searching them out! I am a sucker for cheesecake anything. Cheesecake is a high priority food group. Right up there with the coffee food group. I decided to be pro-active and just make them already!


So this is the beautiful picture/post and accompanying recipe. Might I include, that I followed the recipe to the letter, something I do not usually do. However, I really wanted that cookie and did not want to take the chance of a mess up. Speaking of mess up in the picture you will notice a box of baking soda. Not supposed to be there! The ingredient is baking powder. I know you might be mis-led to think, “Oh this is what happened.” I did catch the mistake before adding it in, just didn’t take a new pic.


This photo is important because the scant amount of cheesecake filling is some what alarming. But it is correct. I even went back and topped them off as to not waste the “cheesecake” filling.


Directions said to use two tablespoons of dough if you do not have a cookie scoop. Remember I followed the directions to the letter!




Let me give you some of the reviews from the family for these… “cookies.”

-M “It’s not really Thursday! What are those? What are you doing? Those aren’t cookies.” ME to him “OMG.”
Ashlin: “They are weirdly addicting. You don’t really want to eat them, but them you have to get another. There is no cheesecake involved here!”
Jacob: “These are lemon cookies.”

These cookies are so far from the picture I can not imagine what went wrong! The filling was so pungently lemony. And the crust, if I had made these for an outside of the house purpose I would have had to stop at a supermarket to buy a dessert!

Sincerely don’t know what to say.
Except “They’re not all gonna be golden” (it’s from Mission Impossible 4).
Looking forward to next week’s success.

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