In the world of all things “techy” I am usually very late to join the crowd. I am some what suspicious of the world wide web and all of it’s offerings. You know the usual, “What is the angle here? I know “they” are trying to track me!” or, “What do they want from me?” The normal suspicions we all have, right? I was sure in my earlier years that ATM cards were the devil.


I am trying to remain calm here. My enthusiasm for Pinterest is probably unhealthy. One of the main issues with Pinteret is that I am sure that all things are possible. By that I mean if it is on Pinterest, I can do it! Sincerely, I scroll through, diligently adding to my boards all the beautiful crafts, great ideas, tips and tricks to make my home more beautiful, my wardrobe more fashion forward, outdoor living spaces off the cover of a magazine, AND my meals more exciting and adventurous!

When my daughters first signed me up with an account -M was not happy. I would show him all of the great things I (we) were going to create. Don’t get me wrong -M is extremely handy. Like extremely. Literally, I have never seen him not conquer and complete a task.


Side note: On one remodel job (we had a design company) there was a dear lady named Sandy. Mrs. Sandy hired -M to build a fence, which he had never done. He did so great she then hired us to remodel her entire home! He put in bamboo floors to textured ceilings. By the time he finished, her home was brand new. It was our first real job. No experience. Wow.

Back to Pinterest. On the meal side, I am an adventurous eater. I enjoy trying new things. Experimenting with new ingredients and altering recipes to my preferences is something I constantly do. Or, If I don’t have an¬†ingredient handy, i’ll throw something else in! It will be greeaattt. -M does not share my enthusiasm. His main food group is cheese. Mostly cheeseburgers, but if it has cheese in some fashion it can be tolerated, sometimes. Burritos, nachos, gas station jalapeno cheese filled corn dogs, movie theater hotdogs, these items are -M’s short list of repeat meals that he thoroughly enjoys. The number one favorite, the cheeseburger. He will drive far and wide to try the latest and greatest cheeseburger with fries, of course! He will also critique these foods as if they are from a five star restaurant.

Is the problem beginning to reveal itself? As I pin these delicious and beautiful plates, platters, and creations to my multiple food boards they also begin to show up on our table. Needless to say -M is NOT HAPPY. His favorite thing to say if he opposes a meal is, “Does this have parika?” To which I reply, “Yes, you have eaten paprika for years.” And he retorts, “No, I am allergic to paprika.” Ok , I have been with this man for literally more than half of his life. HE IS NOT ALLERGIC TO PAPRIKA! Or how about this one, “Why is there grass in my food?” Anything green is suddenly grass. I could go on and on. -M should probably be a stand up comedian because if his remarks are not directed at you personally you are rotfl (rolling on the floor laughing). My kids hate when I do that, so I do it.


After a few of my adventurous meals I think he became frightened. One night at dinner he said, “Listen babe, can we just have Pinterest Thursday’s?” Why he chose Thursday’s I couldn’t tell you. “Please Babe, whatever you want but on Thursday’s.” Let me also explain that I am a good cook. Rarely has he not liked something I have made. Usually the meal ends up being a big hit. And yet any time that same meal appears he will state, “What’s this?” I then reply, “You have had this before honey.” He answers, “No I don’t think so.”

Needless to say, Pinterest Thursday’s happen frequently. Usually not on Thursday’s. He is quick to remind me that it is not Thursday. One may think with the amount of rhetoric at the dinner table, that I would give up. Because as our children can attest, a lesser woman would have quit by now. A lesser woman would have resorted to hot dogs and cheeseburgers on rotation. NOT I! I WILL SURVIVE! I WILL OVERCOME! So, look for the latest re-creation of Pinterest meals. Trust me it will be exciting. I will include pinterest recipe fails, successes, and of course full critiques and commentary from -M. This should be an adventure.

Looking Forward,

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