Hi my name is Jennifer Uribe and I am a Pintrest junkie. It’s a good thing.

My family and I have lived in Idaho 9 1/2 years, and by family I mean husband and three children. It’s just us. No other family. Just us. It certainly has been a journey.


I tremendously enjoy coffee. If it didn’t keep me up at night I would sip it Constantly! And by sip I mean savor. My husband, whom I like to refer to in writing simply as -M, chugs it! It really drives me crazy. Well, actually the craziness over coffee has lessened. I have accepted the reality that I forced him to be a coffee drinker and now he is hooked because of the odd hours of his job and need to be with me. If we go on an outing before 4 p.m. I must have coffee. Coffee drinking is so social. Notice how coffee is 2nd in this bio, high priority.

My out-of-the-home jobs have included being a hostess in restaurants to food service to starting my own design business. Then hiring -M yep he worked for me. Ironically the ladies loved it. Not sure what the draw was. We did full remodels and then after moving to Idaho some local model home decorating in the valley. Then the market crashed. And so did we. Moving on. My favorite job has and will always be wife and mother. Simply the best. That is a novel in its self.

I definitely think I am more humorous than reality is able to reveal. While to/at myself I am rotfl (rolling on the floor laughing) sometimes I am alone in that laughter. I am ok with that. Laughing is living.

I love being able to make something from nothing. Truly in every area, food, furniture, art, gardening, people. Every “thing” can be some “thing.” I think it’s the way God made me. Mostly out of necessity. God said, “This poor girl isn’t going to start out with much, so lets give her this gift!” And I love it! Being able to see past the present condition of something/someone, or the fact that the refrigerator is empty and the cupboards are bare and then BAM, there is the best meal your family ever had. That is so gratifying!

Beauty. This is a word I really like. This world is filled with such beauty. So much to absorb and enjoy when we take the time to do so. Transformation is sometimes required to reveal beauty, but, beauty is always there.


I have so much to look forward to in the coming seasons, a new house with no back yard which means I get to put one in. The excitement level here is off the charts! If you could see my face. Garden boxes, sprinklers, grass, patios, trees, plants and a pool. Don’t tell -M, he thinks the pool is off the table. NOT.

A new season of Pintrest, yay.

And three beautiful children that will soon leave. We will be empty-nesters. By soon I probably mean years. Also ok. Everything is an adventure if you look at it properly.

So, here we are, living, loving, laughing, tripping, failing, getting up again.
Mainly me.
Always Looking forward,
Jennifer Uribe

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