The 100 year Snake River Stampede is happening in July 2015 and they are looking for a little help from our community.

Wanted: Snake River Stampede memorabilia. Do you, your mom, your Grandparents or that distant second aunt have any of the following items from past Snake River Stampede events? Even if it is not on this wish list, please give Lynn Calvin an email with what you have, she would love to hear from you.

Hover your mouse here for Lynn’s email address, right click to copy the email address, and then paste that into your email to her. Or click here for more contact information located on the Snake River Stampede website.

  • Green arena
  • Anything with the Nampa Harvest Festival & Buck Show (logo, program, etc..this would be from the 1915-1937)
  • In 1970 there was a 50 mile Horse race from Idaho City, so if someone had photos, poster or information about this event
  • Wilford Brimley as Parade Marshall in the 80’s
  • Photos of Wild Cow Milking and women buck riding – 1924
  • Any photos of the past stars from the 50’s- 80’s




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