As my bio states, I’m a Nebraska transplant. I have lived all over the country and have used Nebraska as a landing pad between moves. That ended when my family and I arrived in Boise, Idaho almost five and a half year ago. It didn’t take us long to fall in love with the city and all of the year-around outdoor recreation within just a couple of hours of driving.

After living in the foothills and since moving to this beautiful city, we decided to start looking for a more rural setting where we could have a couple of horses for the kids. (Our 10 year old, Tessa, is taking riding lessons.) We were also interested in a more self-sustaining lifestyle. But make no mistake; I did not want to be a farmer. Granted, my parents grew up on farms as my grandparents on both sides farmed, usually as hired hands. I have spent my life being anything but a farmer. I came into this thinking we would have a couple of horses, maybe a few chickens, and I would be the cosmopolitan gardener. Little did I know what was in store. We now have 5 acres with year around water, trees, and plenty of room for a “garden”. The longer we are here the more I find myself incredibly drawn to the land. I want to get dirty. I want to turn it into a living, breathing provider for all to enjoy. I want chickens and goats. I want to become a market gardener. There’s just one problem. I have no idea what I’m doing. I hope you enjoy following along as I document this journey. The property is in pretty rough shape and I’m going to need advice. Let the adventure begin!



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