You have seen the fixtures in your favorite stores donning this season’s “must have” garments. I have to be honest in saying that initially I was not particularly impressed with what the fashion gods deemed to be the “it” look this year. After all, the colors and bright prints are so far away from my favorite shade. Black. Anyone who knows me also knows this to be true.

In the same breath I can also say that I am surprisingly inspired by these bright prints. I am inspired to walk in my closet and begin pulling black shirts and blouses off of their hangers. One lonely dark shirt at a time.

I have put together some sample styles with what is currently available at your favorite D&B Supply. Please forgive me and look past the slightly lopsided mannequin – I was unable to attain a willing human model on such short notice.

Bold, bright patterns are everywhere. Skirts and scarves are my favorites this season by far. I am loving them because you can dress them up or down and get the perfect look every single time with very little effort. Mixing up the prints in the same color family is also acceptable as long as you have a coordinating solid to break up the prints. The maxi skirt should become a staple in your wardrobe. It is just as important as your favorite pair of jeans.

Southwestern prints are everywhere. Please note: to call them “tribal” or “ethnic” is politically incorrect – although these prints are also known by the aforementioned names. These southwestern prints are available in over-the-top brights and also more conservatively muted tones.

Add a few of these pieces to your wardrobe. Wearing these bright fun prints will absolutely make you happy during our dreary winter months.



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