UGG has come a long way from its start in the late 70’s in southern California coastal towns. These casual sheepskin-lined suede boots were first worn by surfers to keep their feet warm and dry after each and every attempt to ride that perfect wave. UGG eventually made its way into every surf shop up and down the coast of California, and by the mid 80’s, UGG boots were found in ski shops and lodges from California to Colorado.


Celebrities were spotted wearing their UGG boots in the late 90’s and they began popping up in stores across the country. By the early 2000’s UGG went from a brand making clogs, slippers and sandals for active, outdoor lifestyles to a brand that was seen as stylish, luxurious and fashion-forward. Their collection expanded and UGG footwear could be seen in fashion magazines, New York runways and worn in photo shoots all over the United States.

In the mid-2000’s the UGG casual movement made it to the UK, Russia and Tokyo. The rest is history. They are internationally known and now make clothing, handbags, gloves and items for the home. UGG has still managed to stay true to their roots with some new twists on some of their classic styles. That sheepskin lining that first made them loved by surfers and skiers is still the key to their comfort, success and popularity today. Ask almost anyone how they feel about their UGGs and you will hear over and over how they are so comfortable that they just don’t want to take them off.


Purchasing a pair of UGG footwear is an investment. Try them on and depending on the style, you may have to go down or up a size. As a general rule, you can usually go down a size in the sheepskin-lined boots. Comfort is key. They are not like other boots, there is not really a break-in period so you should know immediately whether they fit. Your UGG boots will last you years if they are well taken care of, thus, the return on your investment. Be sure to treat the suede with protectant and cleaner made only by UGG.

We are excited that D&B Supply is carrying UGG footwear in two of our stores, Caldwell, Idaho and Pendleton, Oregon. You may be able to find them in more of our stores in the future.

Stop by one of these stores and find out what the “Love for UGG” is truly all about.

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