We have noticed that act of peeling food with power tools, or other brilliant kitchen hacks, are theĀ in thing right now. So, we thought we would put together a compilation of “MacGyver” style kitchen hacks that make a lot of sense and are just fun to watch. If you know of more, please comment below with a link to your favorite kitchen hack.

What else would you do with a drill, bucket, water and a toilet bowl brush? Peel potatoes of course.

This corn-husking, microwave hack seems almost too good to be true. But what will the kids do now?

And now that it is husked, it is time to peel.

Apple pie for everyone!

If you didn’t get your free toaster for opening up a checking account, this is a good hack.

As long as Smokey Bear says it is ok to have a fire in your camping spot, this is a great way to cook, roast marshmallows or keep your feet warm.

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