Thank you to the University of Idaho Canyon County Extension office for the following information.

Did you know that next week is National Pollinator Week? Here are three local events celebrating our unsung pollinator heroes: Bitner Vineyards (16645 Plum Rd, Caldwell) will give away packets of bee friendly flower seeds this Saturday, June 14, from 1:00 p.m to 5 p.m. at their Benefit the Bees event. Read more about bees on the D&B Supply blog, where Dr. Ron Bitner is a regular contributor. Also this Saturday, Draggin’ Wing Farm in Boise is hosting their first annual Pollinator Day, with family friendly activities, information and more! Next Thursday, June 19, we’ll be teaching Pollinator Friendly Gardening techniques at our WestPark Demonstration Garden in Nampa. Click here to register. For more information on bees, become a part of a special group on Facebook. Search “The Art of Beekeeping in Idaho” and/or “The Art of Beekeeping in Oregon.” D&B Supply has beekeeping supplies and equipment at most stores and online. Click here to see more. Draggin Wing Farm

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