1. After you pick up your bee nuc, you should carefully transport it to your hive location. If you do not install your nuc immediately set the nuc box on top, or beside the hive box you will transfer into. Then light your smoker and gently smoke it at the entrance. After several gentle puffs you may remove the front screen. If you do not remove the front screen the bees may suffocate!!

2. Open the hive you are transferring the nuc into, if there are ten frames remove 6 empty combs. (This allows a little extra space for a 4-frame nuc with an in-hive feeder.) Always remove one more frame than the size of your nuc. Gently smoke the entrance. Slide the flat part of the hive tool under the lid and apply upward pressure gently to break the seal between the wax and the lid.

3. Smoke the bees across the top of the frames lightly and remove the outermost frame first. Transfer the frames in the exact order in which they arrive. The bees have created a brood nest and their own order in the box, this should be maintained. As you transfer each from you may quickly glance at it to see if you see the queen. It is not necessary to see her. She is there, you should see brood in all stages.

4. Feeding of the hive should be done after the nuc is transferred. Fill the in-hive feeder with Honey Bee Thrive, following the package instructions for spring feeding. We recommend that you feed 1 to 2 gallons to get the brood production up and the hive population up to the level needed for good honey production.
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