STIHLSpring has made itself known again, and with the relief of better weather comes the tasks of caring for our reawakening lawns and gardens. All our growing things, be they functional or ornamental, are starting to demand our attention anew, and it all comes with a hearty “buckle up,” because it’s going to last until we’re complaining about the cold weather again. More people than ever are turning to America’s classic maker of outdoors power tools for these tasks, and that maker is showing the love right back in return.

Living on the Oregon coast for several years put me right in the middle of the timber industry, and it didn’t take me long to figure out how important the Stihl name is to people who depend on their outdoor power tools for a living. I don’t make my career by means of a chainsaw, but the reputation can’t help but impress you, and it extends beyond the professional-sized bad boys to a highly respected line of home and garden oriented tools as well. Stihl has made a tradition of manufacturing great products and taking care of the people who use them, resulting in their being the premier brand of gas-powered, handheld outdoor power tools in the States.

In this spirit, Stihl is celebrating their 40th anniversary by focusing on you, the Real People who use their products. Honoring the idea that the people who use their products every day are the true celebrities who make their brand what it is. From the lumber labor to agriculturalists and everyday homeowners, Stihl is putting Real People in the spotlight, taking user ideas, tips, and how-to’s to their worldwide audience. This means that if you use Stihl products and have a story, you can actually share it with them, and have the opportunity for it to be told to the world. Their YouTube channel is also filled with videos demonstrating the products and their uses by people who use them every day for the same things you and I do, and the Stihl USA Blog is filled with great information as well.

No story? No worries. For anyone who wants a piece of the celebration, they are also giving back with their “365 Sweepstakes” promotion, giving away $200 in Stihl products to a lucky entrant every single day in 2014, just for signing up!

At the conclusion of this post, I would be remiss not to remind you to use protective gear while you’re using your outdoor power tools. Safety should always be first and foremost. After all, if you use Stihl’s oils in your tools, you can extend the warranty substantially, so protect your eyes and ears so you can appreciate the sound and sight of your investment for a long time to come!

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