The previous blogs introduced the reader to the world of the non-Apis or kinds bees other than honeybees. We discussed the families of bees and where they nested. The next blogs will focus on those bees that I have spent nearly 40 years working with and their potential impact on our food supplies and the current issues with honeybees.

This blog deals with the Blue Orchard Bee, Osmia lignaria, a bee that I did my master’s thesis on while attending Purdue University. This little bee is native to the foothills here in southwest ideas Idaho. It is one of the first native bees to emerge in the spring and there is much work being done to build up its pollination numbers for Orchard pollination and backyard gardens. The following article is from the USDA about the biology of this bee. I think the readers will find this a very interesting little insect that they can have in their back yards to observe and help pollinate their fruit trees.

Click here to read Blue Orchard Mason Bee by Beatriz Moisset and Vicki Wojcik, Pollinator Partnership that resides on the USDA Forest Service website.





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