Over the past few years, we’ve all learned and/or experienced some hard things about the American economy. In a relatively short period of time, we’ve witnessed some of the best and some of the worst as the pendulum swung quickly. While it wasn’t necessarily fun, we all learned a lot of lessons, and we all made changes of one sort or another.

One thing that didn’t change for me was my love of power tools, but there has been a resultant change to one of my favorite makers of these tools that is pretty remarkable. DeWalt Tools has recently announced its BUILT IN THE USA commitment, bringing the manufacturing of over 600 of their cordless power tools back to the US.  From their 75,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC, and their Fort Mill, SC distribution center, DeWalt is confirming its confidence in the American economy and American labor by providing customers with products that are made right here at home.

The BUILT IN THE USA products are also being called the “Tools Of The Brave”, and are proudly labeled with the stars and stripes right up front on the packaging. Starting with their extremely popular 18V and 20V cordless drills, DeWalt has has added everything from impact drivers and hammer drills to accessories, blades, and bits, ranging the gamut of construction and project needs. DeWalt is proud to be a company with global reach and popularity, so parts and some of their products are still made overseas, but they are bringing jobs back to the US with this program, beginning with 250 new jobs in the Carolinas, and extending along the Eastern Seaboard.

DeWalt has also implemented renewed sustainability programs with Tools Of The Brave, including a partnership with Call2Recycle, and other recycling and assessment programs. With high production comes great responsibility, and DeWalt seems to be taking their role in this seriously.

This new opportunity did not make me a new fan of DeWalt, rather an ongoing one. I’ve appreciated their products since the first time my hand was filled with their 14.4V cordless drill, and that was longer ago than I care to even admit. I do love the fact that the yellow tools are backing up the red, white, and blue like this, though, and it gives me a greater level of respect for a company who is dedicating themselves not only to making better and stronger tools, but a better and stronger economy, and a better and stronger workforce.

And after all, who wouldn’t want to carry something on their belt that they can call the “Tools Of The Brave”? Oh, I can hear the jobsite chest-thumping now!

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