Q: Hi Debbie, my question is about lavender. I have one plant, purchased last year. I have not trimmed it. Should I do that now and if so, how far back should I cut it? Thank you.

A:  Hi there, Thanks for the question.

Pruning is usually done in the late spring, once you can see your lavender showing new growth.

You do not usually prune a plant you have just planted.

The second year it is in the garden, I would remove dead branches and shape the plant.

From the third year on:

Step 1. Remove any dead branches.

Step 2. Cut the plant back about 1/3 of its size – both the top and sides.

Step 3. Shape the plant.

After blooming or if you are harvesting the flowers, remove the flower stalks and an inch or two of the growth below the stalk. That will encourage more growth.

There are some lavender festivals in the area in late spring, early summer. Have you ever attended?

Happy Gardening!



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