I was asked to blog about pocket placement. Hmmm. Really? I felt that I needed to confirm this. Yes, I was told the subject was pocket placement. I wanted to confirm this again in the hopes the subject-matter would change. I received a messaged that said only this, “Do these pockets make my behind look big? Does my behind make these pockets look small?” Well, I giggled. It was funny. And, here I am writing about pockets.

Perfect pockets on denim jeans

Whether it’s for fashion or function, pockets do have a definitive purpose. Maybe you’ve never given it a conscious thought, but they have persuaded you at one time or another to make a purchase.

Denim makers, in general, use the pocket as their “signature” or as brand recognition. When you see the stitched “Batwing” logo on a pocket, you know instantly you are looking at a pair of Levi’s brand jeans. Wrangler’s signature stitched “W” is used on the back pockets of most of their jeans. The stitching colors have varied and the design has evolved on their women’s jeans, but the shape is clearly still a “W”.

Perfect pockets on denim jeans

For many of us, pockets are purely a visual attraction. By not only changing the wash or the color, denim makers can change the entire look of their jeans just by changing the pocket. We see this more predominantly in women’s jeans. Jewels, stitching and rivets can be added to or taken away from the pockets from season to season with little or no change in the actual jean itself.

I have purchased jeans (more than once) based solely on the look or placement of the back pocket. I am going to get this out of the way right now — the placement of the back pockets can clearly affect the look of your behind. It’s true. If you don’t believe me, test it yourself. For the appearance of a smaller behind (admit it, you have been concerned about this a time or two) the pockets should sit lower and a little farther apart and be fuller in size. The smaller the pocket and the higher it’s placed will make your behind, ahem, appear more plump.

Perfect pockets on denim jeans

When a style is called a “5-Pocket”, this refers to the two back pockets, the two front pockets, and the small pocket that sits inside the front right pocket. The fifth pocket is called a “match”, a “watch”, or a “coin” pocket. It was originally added to hold matches, a pocket watch, or coins. Obviously.

Workwear makers have added a variety of functional pockets to their jeans. Carhartt, Dickies and Riggs by Wrangler provide more options for all types of trades and service workers. You can now make a purchase based on your pocket need. Clever.

Perfect pockets on denim jeans

Ruler Pocket: This is a patch pocket on the right side of the leg just below the back pocket. The size is perfect for a ruler, a small level, or carpenter’s pencil.

Cell Phone Pocket: This is also a patch pocket placed in the same general area as the ruler pocket. It’s made to protect your phone or smart electronic, keeping it out of the front and rear pockets while allowing easier access.

Tape Measure Pocket: The right front pocket is reinforced with leather, nylon or canvas to withstand excessive tape measure usage.

Cargo Pocket: This is a patch pocket with a flap and closure. Uniquely named, you can hold a lot of stuff in these pockets.

Pockets do have a purpose. They are strategically placed by denim makers as their signature, for aesthetics, or to perform a particular function. You may not be willing to admit it, but I have a feeling you will notice the placement of the back pockets the next time you’re shopping for a new pair of jeans.

Perfect pockets on denim jeans

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