Bees have been all of the buzz (please forgive the pun) at D&B Supply lately as we are offering beekeeping classes, stocking up on beekeeping supplies, and even helping folks order live bees for delivery in April.

In our frequent bee-related conversations, we have been taking about the many, many uses of honey raised in a backyard colony. Suggestions include a sort of honey shampoo make with vinegar and honey, mead, and even as a cure for acne. With so many suggestions, it seemed like a good idea to look online for “suggested” and sometimes none kitchen uses for the honey that has been produced in a backyard. Here is a list of the lists discovered.

Just one word to the wise to add to our lists, remember not to use honey on or around very young children and do not feed honey to children younger than two.

See the National Honey Board for more about honey.

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