Right behind my love of shoes is my love of jeans and my quest to find the ‘perfect’ pair. My first memory of finding the perfect pair began in junior high. I remember the extreme anxiety I experienced during school shopping. Would my mom and dad be able to afford to buy me designer jeans just like the rest of my friends were wearing? My mom explained that I did not need to wear what everyone else was wearing. Typical ‘mom’ response. She tried to reason with me by explaining I would have ‘more’ if she bought me some less expensive jeans. I’m sure I tortured her with my excessive eye rolls and endless begging. I wore her down! She gave in and I got my very first pair of designer jeans (brand name being withheld) and I LOVED them. I looked like the rest of the girls! That’s where my love of blue jeans began.

Was life really simpler back then when all you had to worry about was the price tag or the brand when choosing a pair of jeans? The answer is yes.


Finding a perfect pair of jeans is exhilarating. The blue jean has a history. The blue jean has several of its own national days named to celebrate causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness and Sexual Violence Prevention in the USA, Canada and Europe. Songs have been written about blue jeans. There were auto manufacturers in the 70’s that paid tribute to the blue jean by covering their seats in denim. Denim is worn by all ages from a newborn baby to a well-seasoned 90 plus year old. The blue jean does not discriminate. Your favorite article of clothing is most likely a pair of comfortable jeans or a denim jacket you have had since the 80’s or longer.

I am a self-proclaimed jean aficionado. My time studying fashion and merchandising does not qualify me to be an expert. The years I have spent in retail assisting men and women of all shapes and sizes on their quest to find the perfect pair of jeans does not qualify me either. What qualifies me (in my own mind) is that I know exactly what I like and what I want in a pair of jeans and I have spent years searching. I am a consumer on a constant quest just like you.


I know I like my jeans to have 1 to 3 percent polyester, spandex or viscose (no more than 7 percent). I prefer a dark indigo wash with some abrasion (sanding) in just the right places. The hardware on my perfect pair needs to be stainless or silver. The stitching has to be white or ecru. The back pockets cannot be too close together or too small in size. Just like the trends, my taste changes, too.

For some of us the search for a perfect pair of jeans can be exhausting. It doesn’t have to be when you know the denim lingo. There’s more to a pair of jeans than the appearance or a brand name. I want to help you find your perfect pair. I will help you understand fits and decipher brand labeling.

I am wearing my perfect pair of jeans right now. Thankfully, my search will never be over. There is another ‘perfect’ pair out there waiting for me.


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