Thank you to the many people who attended our free beginner beekeeping classes over the past six weeks. We continue to receive questions and have made a quick Q&A list to help everyone out.

Q: Will the queen that comes with the box be marked or unmarked?
A: The queen will be unmarked

Q: Can you tell me whether the bees I am getting have been treated for Vorroa mites? And if they have, what chemical or brand name treatment was used?
A: All commercial bee’s are treated for mites. They will be treated with Apivar no more than twice, most likely just once.

Q: When was it or will it be applied?
A: The nuc packages are created on new frames so the frames will not be inundated with chemicals.

Thank you to Cameron Casper of Beehive State, LLC.

For more information on beekeeping, please take a look at the D&B blog. To order products, please go to


    • dbsupply says:

      Hi Rich,
      Mid-April. You will be receiving an email shortly about the day and pick up area for your bees. Thanks you.

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