Fringe! Fringe! Fringe!

These were the first three words that our D&B merchandiser, our clothing buyer and our footwear buyer said to watch for when it comes to spring trends in 2014. There is fringe on your jacket, fringe on your shirts and even fringe on your boots.

Pinterest boards, with a spring western theme, are dictating this trend along with more of a native flair that will flow into the summer and into the fall for sure.

Pinterest Page of spring 2014 fashion

Here is D&B Clothing buyer, Jessica Deason on what she sees happening this spring:

“I feel like this spring is all about feathers, fringe, fresh colors and flowy tops. I’m still seeing a lot of dresses, high-low is still in, interesting hemlines, tiered dresses/skirts and maxi skirts. All paired with boots! Colors for spring are very much hyper pastels. Lots of mint green, coral pinks, and creams. Prints on the tops have an ode to the native and tribal look along with feather prints, skulls, and arrows. Tops are still oversized and flowy for the most part. Chiffon is still in the game, but now it’s printed and mixed with lace or interesting hardware.

Jeans are cleaning up a bit on the back pocket. A little less rhinestone, a little more heavy stitching to add interest. Stitching on the side seams and back yoke are becoming more common to add shape to the hip and butt. Bling is still in play in the western market where mainstream is totally going clean.”

Theresa Crawford, D&B’s footwear and accessory buyer, believes “This spring we are still seeing boots as a strong category with socks showing out the top.¬†Flip flops are still popular and have become a way to have fun colors and bling without investing a lot of cash.¬†Headbands and scarves are must have accessories. Still seeing big jewelry, stacking bracelets and hoops in all sizes.”



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