Beekeeping is essentially a local endeavor, since geography, weather, and plant life all impact the success of a colony and the methods or timing used to grow and protect that colony. Nonetheless, beekeepers everywhere can share experiences, ideas, and success. In this edition of Bee Buzz, you’ll find nine bee-related pinners to follow on Pinterest.

Jim Dees – Beekeeping

Jim Dees is the science curriculum coordinator at the Huffman Independent School District in Huffman, Texas.  Dees’ Beekeeping pin board had more than 570 followers and over 1,300 pins at the time of writing. Dees’ pins feature great bee photograph, message about the importance of bees to agriculture and humanity, and do-it-yourself beekeeping tips.


Eric Terrell – Bees

Evansville, Indiana-based Eric Terrell’s “Bees” pin board had more than 560 pins and 360 followers when I discovered it. Terrell frequently posts images of amazing hives and combs from around the world and other great bee images.


Pell Mell Compendium – Scout Bee

Pam Treadwell (the Pell Mell Compendium on Pinterest) has an excellent bee-related board with more than 1,500 pins, which often link to great bee- and beekeeping-related articles. The board also features pins of bee and bee-themed products, photos of hives and combs, and even an occasional bee-related video.


Two Squared Acres Micro-Farm – Bees and Beekeeping

This Laurelville, Ohio family strives for sustainability and self-sufficiency, raising everything from Nubian dairy goats to organic heirloom vegetables. The family’s beekeeping pin board had more than 87 how-to-related pins that may help new beekeepers find success whether they’re raising honey bees or encouraging other native bees.


Organic Consumers Association – Beekeeping

The Organic Consumers Association’s beekeeping pin board has a huge following of more than 10,000 pinners in spite of having a relatively small number of bee related pins. Often the association’s pins aren’t just pretty picture, but really links back to beekeeping-related articles and information. As the association’s name suggests the links tend to focus on organic and natural beekeeping solutions.


Nancy Wallace – Bee Keeping

Nancy Wallace of Suwanee, Georgia has nearly 4,000 followers for her beekeeping pin board, which is as likely to feature pins of vintage bee-related art as it is to show pictures of hives and honey jars. While it won’t necessarily have the practical beekeeping pins that you might find from other pinners on this list, it does a great job of demonstrating our long relationship with bees.


A B – Farm: Bees

The A B Farm: Bees pin board is a treasure trove of great beekeeping content. Some of the best links were a pin of Wranglerstar’s Beekeeping for Beginners video series; a pin from showing a homemade $28 bee extractor; and a pin showing the worker bee’s lifecycle.


Erin Nikitchyuk – Beekeeping… We’re Getting Buzzzy

In spite of the ellipses and repetitive “z” in this pin board’s title, it is a good source of practical pins, featuring bee facts, links to how-to articles, and examples of what other beekeepers are doing to raise their colonies.


Jacki Whitford – Bees in Books

Jacki Whitford has a number of pin boards devoted to bees, including Bees in Banks and Coins, Bees in Architecture and Set Design, and Bees in Fantasy Artwork, but it is, perhaps, her Bees in Books board that may be the most interesting to aspiring beekeepers. While many of Whitford’s pin bee books are novels or even children’s books, she has also included links to many instructional and scientific beekeeping resources.


Be certain to check out D&B’s beekeeping page for updates and products.

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