Olympic SweaterAccording to the website acontinuouslean.com the U.S Winter Olympic uniforms by Ralph Lauren are not only made in the U.S.A, but the wool in the sweaters that the athletes will wear in the opening ceremonies, comes from a ranch in Oregon.

Established in 1871, the Imperial Stock Ranch has been raising sheep and cattle, and producing grains and hay for more than 142 years. It’s the only ranch in Oregon designated a National Historic District, that is still in operation. Sheep have been present on this landscape probably since they appear on the county tax roll in 1873.

Today the Imperial Stock Ranch spans about 35,000 acres and continues as a four-commodity operation with cattle, sheep, grain and hay production. Most of the original agricultural buildings are not only still standing, but still in use, and the historic Hinton House, once the showpiece of Hinton’s empire, serves as the headquarters for Imperial Stock Ranch’s promising descendant business: Imperial Yarn.

Click here to read more about the Imperial Stock Ranch and their owners, Dan and Jeanne Carver, as they hold on and promote the manufacturing heritage in the United States.


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