We are very excited to welcome Chris Rodesch Ph.D and Prenten Frazier to D&B Supply as our guest instructors during the FREE beekeeping classes in the month of January at select D&B Supply stores. If you have not signed up already, please do so by clicking here.

Chris Rodesch Ph.D. is the Salt Lake County Apiary inspector and Adjunct Professor of Neurobiology at the University of Utah School of Medicine. His academic training in insect genetics led to an interest in bees and he became the Salt Lake County Apiary inspector and consultant for Salt Lake area commercial beekeepers. As an educator, and the County inspector, his role is to provide information to beekeepers and the general public about honey bees, beekeeping and the ecology of pollinators in the urban and natural environment. As an academic biologist and County apiary inspector, he teaches workshops and gives lectures nationally and hopes to learn more by meeting others interested in these topics wherever he travels. It is his opinion that we all can learn a lot from bees and the people who care for them.

Prenten Frazier is a fourth generation beekeeper. His family runs over 2500 hives for commercial pollination and honey harvest. He has extensive experience with queen rearing and full weather seasonal hive management. Frazier enjoys sharing his passion for beekeeping and thus has mentored and taught many beginning beekeepers in a class format, through his blog, “The Alpine Beekeeper,” and on a one-on-one basis. He has been on the forefront with working with community leaders to adopt bee friendly ordinances. Frazier regularly gives lectures on beekeeping, and loves to meet and experience the excitement found within the beekeeping community.

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