The winter months can be cold and muddy if you have a dog that is not fortunate enough to have thick skin, fluffy fur or the attitude of a western rough rider. There are ways to keep your dog safe in the cold weather, especially if they are use to the nice, warm confines of your home.

Extra Layers
We all know an extra layer can feel great when the wind picks up a little. There are many warm coats available for dogs, but don’t forget about their feet. Even dogs with with the thickest skin, and fluffiest coats can need protection for their pads if they are not use to the cold.

Warm Bowls
If your dog is outside during the day (and obviously in an insulated, protected shelter) be sure that they have plenty of water. Water will freeze in a very short time frame and your dog needs fresh water throughout the day to stay warm.

Dog in Snow


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