Honey bees may be able to give each other directions to food sources using polarized light, according to a new study.

Popular Science magazine is reporting that a new study from the University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute has found that bee’s wiggle dance may be describing a polarized light map of the nearby sky.


“Since the polarization of light indicates which direction it comes from, when the honey bee returns to perform the dance on the vertical face of the honeycomb, the axis of the dance indicates in which direction, relative to the light, the food source lies,” Popular Science reported. “For the experiment, researchers created artificially polarized light, and monitored the waggle dances produced as the light patterns were changed.

“Building on previous studies that have examined how waggle dances can be altered by illuminating the hive with artificially polarized light, these “experiments demonstrate that foraging bees can sense and signal the direction of their flight by using information that is based purely on the polarized-light pattern of the sky,” the study reads.”

As you may know, D&B Supply has recently begun offering bees and beekeeping supplies. Since that time, we have been doing a lot more research about raising and keeping bees. Truth is that we have found an almost unlimited supply of fascinating information like this Popular Science and University of Queensland data.

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