January 10th is the day to celebrate and rejoice the wonderful beings that are our houseplants. Every year, this special day comes upon us to celebrate and appreciate our houseplants that give us beauty and greenery in the cold, white,winter, dark months and create oxygen to clean the air we breathe.


Thanks to Gardenersnet.com, here are ways to celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day 2014:

  • Start by making sure that the houseplants you already have, are well watered.
  • Next, give them a special treat today… a little fertilizer.
  • If you do not have any houseplants, or just have a couple, buy a new houseplant (or two) on this day).
  • Learn more about the benefits of houseplants to your health.
  • Stand by your houseplant and breath in the air! It’s giving off oxygen… just for you!.
  • Teach your kids about growing and caring for plants. See Kid’s and Gardening.
  • Give a houseplant to a friend, especially the elderly or shut-ins.
  • Talk to your plants. Yes, people believe plants respond positively, when you talk to them.
  • Most of all, have fun, enjoying a long winter day spending quality time with your houseplants!

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